Utah League of Cities and Towns

Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) provides information, training, and technical assistance to local officials on municipal issues, and works to create greater public awareness and understanding of municipal responsibilities, governance, and administration.

The Problem

While resources for Utah city and town managers and municipal leaders are readily available through the website, users had trouble finding them. Common complaints were the site was not easy to navigate and there was lots of information and there was difficulty in registering for the annual conference..


  • Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Remote Usability Testing
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Wireframes


  • Surveymonkey
  • Google Analytics
  • Lucky Orange
  • Userbob
  • Adobe XD

Summary of Role

  • Research
  • Present findings and reports
  • Low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Conduct hands-on workshop

Discovery Phase

Surveys, website analytics, heatmaps, and user testing revealed a number of key findings.

Original homepage with annotations of key findings.

First, the homepage lacked hierarchy. With the number of chunks of content spread throughout, users had a difficult time deciding where to look for key content and how to find it.

Second, the lengthy top menu left users lost in navigation. Often times, users bounced between top navigation items until they found one that directed them closer to their goal.

Third, users either struggled to interact with the homepage carousel. In many cases, the carousel was ignored it completely.

Initial Wireframes

The key findings presented opportunities to improve homepage engagement. Through initial low-fidelity wireframes, we designed possibilities to address the problems.

Sketch 2

First, we separated the homepage content into defined sections to establish a hierarchy.

Second, we reduced the number of main navigation items. At the same time, this would also require ULCT to think more critically about their content and how to organize it.

Third, we simplified to homepage carousel to present a clear call to action while allowing ULCT to share engaging photographs to feature Utah scenery.

Workshop and Final Wireframes

User experience workshops allow us an opportunity to engage dirtectly with clients to present findings and usability study conclusions, share design recommendations, and collaborate on building the final wireframe. With real-time engagement, we educate the client on usability and design principles and give them confidence in the decisions they make going forward.

ULCT wireframe

Final Steps

With the approval of the final wireframe, the project moved forward to the future phases with findings from the usability studies informating content strategy and the wireframes influencing design and development.

ULCT homepage

Link Utah League of Cities and Towns (Website)