Project Profile Web Application

The Project Profile is an internal software application in which project managers communicate requirements to software developers for website and platform projects. The tool existed previously as an Excel document, but we are looking to improve the experience with a web application project managers and software developers will use to upload specifications, log notes, attach files, and send notifications for requirements and updates.

The Problem

Project managers and software developers want to communicate about projects efficiently so that requirements are understood more clearly for shorter timelines and fewer mistakes. The current procedure of sharing information in an Excel spreadsheet is cumbersome and prone to errors. The process itself needs to be reevaluated to consider updated procedures and remove irrelevant information. Additionally


  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Process flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


  • Adobe XD

Summary of Role

  • Gather requirements from director
  • Conduct workshops with project managers and software developers for definition and ideation
  • Synthesize findings into wireframes and prototypes
  • Collaborate with visual design to translate prototype to webpage

Interviews and Focus Groups

While all agreed the current method of delivering project profiles was clunky, the process itself was not quite understood agreeably by project managers and developers. The first step was to understand each role’s needs. Through individual interviews and a focus group, the process flow was developed to help both key groups understand the process and empathize with the needs of other members of the team.

Hand Off from Project Management to Development Process Wireflow